Argyle Thoroughbreds is a superb 2000 acres of gently undulating well improved pastures nestled
in the foothills of the dormant Volcano, Mount Canobolas, in the Panuara district of the Central Tablelands, 35 Kms south-west of Orange, NSW. Argyle is 600 to 650 metres above sea level in altitude and has 4 very distinct seasons.

Argyle is family owned and run. We believe that we offer a complete and personalized professional service to client and equine, paying strict attention to detail and the highest standard of Horse Husbandry.

The beauty of Argyle is it's ability to provide an environment for your valuable Thoroughbred investment that is…. Second to None…..


For your thoroughbreds, broodmares, foals & spelling racehorses
Argyle’s paddocks are magnificent and vary in size up to 120 acres ….Mares and Foals, young growing horses and Spelling Racehorses are all provided with an environment that not only is renowned for its ability to grow bone and muscle but also an environment that without question will help develop speed, courage, mental and physical stamina.

Argyle maintains highly efficient pastures with 200 acres sown to established Lucerne pasture and a further 200 acres being cropped annually with the remainder of the property comprising 85% well established improved pastures.

A central laneway and private road provides safe and easy access to all paddocks and allows movement of mares and foals and young horses to be carried out with the greatest of ease.

Improvements are always ongoing and include modern timber railed yards, steel yards, stables, round yards, Stallion paddocks.

Argyle Thoroughbreds is also the home to Group 1 producing Sire MOSAYTER (USA) and Stakes Producing Sire MARECHAL

Argyle Thoroughbreds….Proud to be able to offer SPACE in an ENVIRONMENT Second to None, Strict attention to detail and the highest standard of Horse Husbandry.

Under the watchful eye of experienced horsewoman, Louise Ellis;
ARGYLE THOROUGHBREDS can provide an outstanding “Building Block” for your valuable investment. Our breeding success is based on over 42 years industry experience. Louise has the knowledge and insight to provide the attention to detail and dedication needed. We aim to produce Winners and Champions of the sport.

We are a 'hands-on" family owned and operated business that produces home grown grain and fodder. Through efficient Business and Property Management we have the benefit of offering our Clientele a variety of services at affordable prices.

And Argyle’s affordable agistment rates are just the icing on the cake……

Personal inspections are always more than welcome. Come and see for yourself what Argyle has to offer, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Argyle is situated 3 ½ hours drive from Sydney and 2 ½ hours from the National Capital, Canberra and is midway between the two major thoroughbred breeding centres of the Hunter Valley and Victoria.
There are magnificent shade stands of red, yellow and white box trees. Water is abundant, being supplied by Cobblers Creek, 2 springs, 24 dams and trough systems. Annual rainfall is about 28 inches.
Marechal Fee $2,200.00 inc gst
Mosayter (USA) Fee $6,600.00 inc gst
Marechal Fee $2,200.00 inc gst
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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louise Ellis at Argyle Thoroughbreds to grow out young horses and spell your racehorse. They enjoy a very relaxed environment with quality pasture and speaking from personal experience, horses grow out into strong athletes with good bone.

Adding to that is Louise's experience and dedication. What a great balance for your horses welfare and good health.

Rick T Worthington.
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